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Hapsburg Absinthe La Magnifique

Created as a high value limited edition, Hapsburg La Magnifique by Peter Fuss is a super premium limited edition blended Verte absinthe made from the finest quality, hand-selected, small batch absinthes.

This vintage blend is from the 2010 harvest and is a combination of distilled bleue absinthe from Val-de-Travers in Switzerland and a unique selection of brands from the finest absinthe producing regions in Europe, which ensures the uniqueness and complexity of the blend.

La Magnifique is quite possibly one of the finest Absinthes ever made with only 2,000 individually numbered bottles produced during 2012. A shrewd investment and addition to any absintheurs collection.

Available in 50cl

Case: 4 x 50cl

68% Vol

Product of Switzerland




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