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Choya Sake

CHOYA Sake rice wine 13.5% Vol is traditionally brewed from only the best locally grown Japonica rice grains, using mineral-rich local water located in the Southern Hyogo region where it is considered to be ideal for sake brewing.

Choya ‘Pink label’ Sake is a smooth dry sake Japanese rice wine made with a European palate in mind. Very easy-drinking and a good introduction to the world of sake for the uninitiated.

The sake contains no sulphites and therefore is best consumed young and fresh. Ideally served lightly chilled in summer; or in winter, poured warm from the traditional Tokkuri (pourer) into the delicate sake cups (Sakazuki). Sake is usually enjoyed neat, but is also used to make delicious cocktails. The sake contains no GM cereals, no animal products, and no colourants or sweeteners of any kind.

Suitable for Vegetarians and vegan (no certificate)

Case sizes: 6 x 72cl

13.5% Vol

Available for export to most countries

Produced and bottled in Japan

Bottle height 73mm width x 298 mm ht, & 1.12 kg wt.

Case height x length x width: 175mm x 250mm x 315mm

Cases per pallet: 100 cases per pallet

Taste profile: Very carefully polished rice fermented at low temperatures gives this traditional Sake rich rice-centric aromas of apple, plum and almond. Smooth and dry and made with a European palate in mind, it is excellent introductionary sake.

On the nose: Choya Sake is slightly sweet, flowery with a light presence of alcohol.



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