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Tequila Villa Lobos 55% Distillation Strength

We are happy to offer the newest member of the Villa Lobos family, Blanco 55% from La Alteña distillery (Nom 1139). This is distilled from the small same traditional copper pot as the rest of the range, rested in steel tank for at least 6 months, and bottled at maximum strength of 55% vol / 110° US Proof. This is the highest permissible strength according to the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico, (El Consejo Regulador del Tequila).

Villa Lobos Blanco 55% is made to be intense, and yet soft & bursting with flavour with the famous Villa Lobos ‘white pepper nose ‘ which is amplified when ice or any mixer is added.. Bartenders have specifically asked us for this new option and we have listened, and are proud to offer it.

Case: 6 x 70cl & 6 x 75cl (Ex Mexico or Ex UK Bond), 55% Vol


Oron Lerner, bartender at the Imperial Cocktail Bar in Tel Aviv, said: “It’s hard to find high proof Tequilas, but this makes you want to dive right into the vats straight off the distillation. Full of flavour and complexity, this expression is  very exciting.”

Nose:  Sweet and floral on the start, intense honeysuckle in blossom, a waxy propolis note

Palette:   Starts off with burnt butterscotch and wood, leads into surprisingly robust vegetal notes: roasted red pepper and capsicum, with a hint of szechuan pepper.  Liberal dose of cracked pepper follows through to a long finish where the wood steps in again, and the vegetal note continues.  A beeswax note lurks throughout, and flavours are tightly concentrated and complex, with a good viscosity.


Villa Lobos 10 Year tasting notes by – Julian de Feral, director of The Gorgeous Group (London)

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