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Hapsburg Absinthe Classic

The modern resurgence in Absinthe’s growing popularity is beautifully captured in Hapsburg Absinthe 72.5% Classic.

Hapsburg Absinthe X.C

Designed to be mixed and provide the ultimate Absinthe experience, the Hapsburg Absinthe X.C range is a premium, super strength flavoured absinthe.

Hapsburg Absinthe La Magnifique

Created as a high value limited edition, Hapsburg La Magnifique by Peter Fuss is a super premium limited edition blended Verte absinthe made from the finest quality, hand-selected, small batch absinthes.


Launched in 1999, Trenet French Absinthe is a traditional verte Absinthe made to a classic recipe using the finest botanicals, sourced from some of the most renowned absinthe growing regions.