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Hapsburg Absinthe Classic

Absinthe was at it’s most popular during the 1890’s and very fashionable in the vast majority of cafés, bars and salons, particularly in France and Switzerland, the birthplace of Absinthe. We are making Absinthe modern, innovative and fashionable for the new and emerging generation of Absinthe drinkers.


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Available in 50cl

Case sizes: 6 x 50cl

89.9% Vol

Product of Italy




Other Products

Hapsburg Absinthe X.C

Designed to be mixed and provide the ultimate Absinthe experience, the Hapsburg Absinthe X.C range is a premium, super strength flavoured absinthe.

Hapsburg Absinthe Flavoured Shots

Making Absinthe more accessible to mainstream consumers through innovation, Hapsburg Absinthe 33% flavoured shots are available in a range of great tasting flavours.