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Liqueurs & Sake

Sklar Slivovitz

The famous Sklar family originating in Eastern Europe, dates back six generations in the spirits business and have shipped Slivovitz around the world since the early 1950’s.

Trenet Blue Curacao

Produced to a traditional recipe in France, Trenet Blue Curacao is a bright blue colour with a distinctive sweet orange flavour. Made with oranges and its peel, Trenet Blue Curacao has a distinctive mandarine aroma and is perfect in cocktails and long mixed drinks.

Trenet Triple Sec

Trenet Triple Sec is a beautifully clear liqueur flavoured with Curacao orange peel, which are bitter oranges, dessert oranges and extracts of lemon and lime. With a rich Seville orange and marmalade aroma, Trenet Triple Sec is perfect in cocktails or simply on the rocks.  

Choya Sake

Choya Sake is produced in Western Japan in the Nara region, at the Yucho Brewery, known for its soft mineral water and made from locally grown ‘Japonica’ rice, which is guaranteed to be non-genetically modified.  Choya Sake is smooth, dry and best served slightly warm.