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Tequila Villa Lobos by Master Distiller Carlos Camarena Now in Deutschland

Tequila Villa Lobos by Master Distiller Carlos Camarena Now in Deutschland

 All we can say in Prost and Salud!

Finally a new brand of Tequila is making its way to Germany, imported by the Nuremberg-based Perola GmbH, which recently gained attention with the new rum brand Compagnie des Indes. Now the portfolio of Villa Lobos Selección Carlos Camarena is hitting the shelves – very promising agave spirits.

The brand Villa Lobos offers exclusively 100% agave Tequila positioned clearly in the premium segment. German fans of tequila are offered the whole classic range from Blanco to Extra Añejo.

All the tequilas are bottled at 40% vol. While Blanco is not aged at all in oak, it rests for 6 monhts in stainless steel tanks. This resting period is also applied to the three additional tequilas, however these subsequently age in oak for an additional 11 months (Reposado), 24 months (Añejo) or 48 monhts (Extra Añejo).

Price-wise, the 4 bottlings are positioned in the moderate middle range. While Blanco (~33€), Reposado (~35€) and Anejo (~42€) are priced quite similar, Extra Anejo with its up to 100€ is priced at a significant markup.

*Translation from German of article “Villa Lobos Selección Carlos Camarena: 4 neue Tequilas für den feinen Gaumen” about Tequila Villa Lobos by Carlos Camarena and Dale Sklar

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