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Lajita Mezcal 100% Agave

Mezcal Lajita is a classic smoky and earthy Mezcal produced by the renowned Licores Veracruz in Oaxaca, Mexico. Triple distilled and aged in oak casks for over five months, which produces a ‘rested’ taste and quality. Every bottle contains a single agave worm, which is a traditional guarantee of Mezcal quality. This 100% agave Mezcal was awarded the coveted title ‘Best Mezcal in the USA Market’ in 1997, which is a result of the founder Don Jose Villanueva, who spent his life developing the smoothest tasting spirits possible.

The technique for making Mezcal remains true to the traditions used by the Spanish Conquistadors in the XVI th century, and remarkably little has changed. It consists of five steps : the culture of the plant, cooking in a lined covered hole in the ground or clay oven, pounding, fermenting, and distilling.
Most domestic Mezcal (unlike Tequila) is distilled twice and for export markets where a higher quality is required, Mezcal Lajita is distilled three times to eliminate any impurities, especially methanol and excesses of copper which are commonly found in some Mezcal. The mezcal is then left to mature for a minimum of 3 months to over a year.

Available in 5cl, 50cl and 70cl

Case: 6 x 70cl

40% Vol

100% Agave

Product of Mexico

More Facts:

1. The word, ‘Mezcal’ originates from the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs meaning ‘cooked pineapple’.

2. Mezcal is considered by many people as the most authentic of all the Mexican distilled spirits. Why? Because unlike Tequila Mixto which is often exported in bulk, Mezcal can only be exported in bottle, and NEVER in bulk, so it’s always properly controlled and authentic, which explains why it is generally much more expensive than Tequila.

3. Mezcal Lajita is made from Maguey Suchas

4. People often wrongly refer to Mezcal, as sic.’Tequila with the worm’ ; this is not so ! Tequila is distilled in the northern state of Jalisco, and Mezcal is distilled in the South near the Gulf of Mexico, in and around the state of Oaxaca.

5. Mezcal is produced from one of the members of the Agave family of succulents (not to be confused with the cactus family), and known among Mexicans as the ‘Maguey plant’

Tasting Notes:

Brand Name: Mezcal Lajita Reposado
Distillery: Licores Veracruz, S.A. de C.V.
Lot: MII-128311
Type: reposado
Gusano: Yes.
Proof: 80 US , 40% ABV
Closure: plastic screw cap
Agave: 100%

Visual: Very clear, pale gold.

Nose: smokey,  some light cooked agave, a bit of wood-inspired vanilla sweetness.

Body/Taste: Nice agave and smoke, slightly tangy sweet flavour that recedes to some heat on the tongue.

Aftertaste/Finish: subtle woody smoke taste


-Mezcal Lajita 100% agave Mezcal was awarded the coveted title ‘Best Mezcal in the USA Market’ in 1997

-International Wine and Spirit Competition 2001, Silver award


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