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Mike Morales The Tequila Aficionado wineandspirit16th January 2018

Tequila aficionado reviews Villa Lobos Reposado

Tequila aficionado reviews Villa Lobos Reposado

Mike Morales or as many simply know him as The Tequila Aficionado, has finally found the opportunity to open a miniature 5cl (50ml) bottle of Villa Lobos Reposado that was sent to him back in 2015 and we couldn’t wait to hear his review.

Morales is a tequila journalist based in Texas and spends the majority of his time, blogging and reporting on agave spirits and is known a great source for information on all of the brands in the tequila industry today.  Mike reports together with Alexander “Alex” Perez, the founder of Tequila and other independent agave lovers from around the world. These Tequila Aficionado’s often come together online to make this a growing community really interesting to Tequila producers and brand owners alike who are always happy to hear feedback on products  The Tequila Aficionado clearly states that all their reviews are completely objective and that there is “ no guarantee of a positive review”.

Two miniature samples of Villa Lobos Reposado were sent to Morales in 2015 when Shand Import started importing Tequila Villa Lobos into the United States. These 5cl miniature samples were only opened by Mike Morales in 2017 after spending two years on a shelf in his office, as the official Aficionado rules state that miniatures do not get reviewed.

Nevertheless, Morales, together with his British counterpart, Mr. Felipe de Herida in Essex, decided to finally review the Villa Lobos Reposado.

Take a look at what Morales and Herida had to say about the Tequila: