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Hapsburg Supersonic

40 ml Gin 10ml Hapsburg Absinthe X.C red summer fruits 10 ml sugar syrup (gomme) 20 ml lemon juice 10 ml maraschino/cherry liqueur   SHAKE AND STRAIN INTO A CHILLED GLASS

Lavender Paloma

  1 2/3 parts Villa Lobos Blanco 1/2 part grapefruit syrup 2/3 part lemon juice 1 part grapefruit juice Club soda Dash of lavender cordial Handful of fresh coriander   SHAKE ALL INGREDIENTS. DOUBLE STRAIN INTO A LONG DRINK GLASS. TOP UP WITH CLUB SODA. GARNISH WITH A GRAPEFRUIT WEDGE.

Classic Hapsburg Absinthe Louche

15ml Hapsburg Classic 72.5%. Slowly drip 45 ml of iced water over a sugar cube into the Absinthe Stir and pour into an Absinthe glass or hi-ball and serve.