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Tequila in Mexico, Qué pasa?

Tequila in Mexico, Qué pasa?  By Dale Sklar, written in December 2000. Things have changed immensely over the years with Tequila. I first visited Mexico in 1969 as a youngster fresh from Christs College Finchley, having just gained some rather lackluster A levels . Those were the days when grade A’s were the exception … My […]

Snow in Jalisco

Snow in Jalisco A few days ago I had the pleasure to meet up with Carlos Camarena (who many consider to be the greatest living Tequilero), and two of his lovely daughters at Nola Bar in London … the Bar that is so cool it has no telephone number! We love that! Carlos was giving one […]

Tales of a travelling salesman in Christchurch

Tales of a travelling salesman in Christchurch (South Island), New Zealand. As soon as you land in Christchurch, you immediately notice the difference… Pretty much everyone seems so friendly.I haven’t yet spent any time in Auckland, so I wait to see how ‘the big City’ differs. I landed a year ago at Dallas Fortworth and […]

Tales of a travelling salesman

Tales of a travelling salesman landing in Hong Kong, Part 1 . (and then off to Christchurch, New Zealand.) It’s been a long time coming … I do recall telling our new client about 14 years ago, when they placed their first order for about three or four pallets of Hapsburg Absinthe, that if / when […]

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead   This week, between October 31st – November 2nd Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead aka “El Dia de los Muertos“ as a national holiday. People around the world are posting images of skulls and skeletons (calacas and calaveras), face paintings and hosting Mexican themed parties. However, how much do we really know about this […]

Tequila Villa Lobos by Master Distiller Carlos Camarena Now in Deutschland

Tequila Villa Lobos by Master Distiller Carlos Camarena Now in Deutschland  All we can say in Prost and Salud! Finally a new brand of Tequila is making its way to Germany, imported by the Nuremberg-based Perola GmbH, which recently gained attention with the new rum brand Compagnie des Indes. Now the portfolio of Villa Lobos […]

Tequila Villa Lobos Masterclass with Dale Sklar

Tequila Villa Lobos Masterclass with Dale Sklar Fantastic ‘Tequila Masterclass’ given last month by joint brand owner of Tequila Villa Lobos , Dale Sklar in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Some of the best Israeli  & International Bartenders attended the event. Dale spoke about his 40 year love affair with Mexico and the romantic love story behind Villa […]

Long Island Lou Tequila’s review on Villa Lobos

Long Island Lou Tequila’s review on Villa Lobos By Lou Caruso The NEW Tequila Villa Lobos is about to hit the US. I am proud to say I am one of two or three people in the US that have samples and have evaluated them. Villa Lobos is made by Carlos Camarena and sold by Dale […]


Reflections of a wandering Liquor Salesman in Italy … It’s mid February 2015 I’ve recently returned from a short 3 day business trip to NE Italy where I went to visit a new customer in Ancona, who may be interested in Villa Lobos Tequila, our Hapsburg Absinthe producers in Roma and a new potential client in Milano. Northern Italy in […]

“Who wants to import the new 10 year old Tequila Villa Lobos into Tahiti ?”

For a number of years customers would ask if I’m going to The Cannes TFWA  (World duty-Free Show) ? I’d heard from a number of visitors that “ … most of the real meetings happened in separate hotel rooms, restaurants and Cafes…” which sounded a bit clandestine, and also a bit too much like networking, […]

Reflections of a Wandering Liquor Salesman, Part 3

Reflections of a wandering liquor salesman … 1st of September 1984 was the first day of the rest of my life … I’ve just turned 63 … how did that happen ? I still feel like a new boy, and sometimes when I go into meetings, I doubt my right to be there. When people […]

Reflections of a Wandering Liquor Salesman, Part 2

I recall as a teenager, in late 1960’s Dad took me to see his old house in Clark Street, in London’s East  End. Unannounced, he rang the doorbell of his old home, telling the residents that he used to live there back in the 1930’s. They let us in to have a look around, and […]

Reflections of a Wandering Liquor Salesman, Part 1

1955 … I remember as a 4 year old kid being taken to my Dad’s bottling-hall to join in with the family efforts to deal with the Christmas rush. I was expected to help on ‘the bottling line’ under the railway arches in Bermondsey, near to London’s East End. I was shown a device made […]

Tequila prices are seriously changing in Mexico

For the last year, the team at Wine & Spirit Intl. Ltd has been warning our clients that tequila prices are going up in Mexico, as a result of the diminishing availability of agave which is crushed, fermented and then distilled to make Tequila. About every 10-12 years, there seems to be an agave shortage […]